Shartak Clan Statistics

Clan Membership

These membership figures include all players and active players only in two separate columns. You can order the list by the different columns by clicking on the appropriate heading.

Clan NameActiveTotal
Team Tathers790
Secret Society of Supervillains659
Durham Pistoleers56
The Four Clans of the Apocalypse57
Responsible drinkers513
Ghost Syndicate of York44
The First Continental Congress of Durham413
Cult of Cthulhu415
The Necromancers Guild4135
CAT ChAoTiC aNiMaL ToTeMs CAT331
The Rakmogaki Collective3120
The Octavius Popebury Memorial Expedition322
Your clan annoys me315
Swamp People314
The Plague344
Feeding Frenzy26
The O'Neils212
Wine drinkers and parrot slayers.27
Alestair Crowley and the Devil's Disciples29
Botheringham FC Supporters' Club228
League of Unity216
Monster Hunters29
Shartak Merchants' Association217
Spirit Knights29
Shartak Road Crew29
Science Club231
The Society of Notable Somebodies213
Shartak Insane Asylum219
Bartenders Association of Shartak112
Wandering Aimlessly in Confusion15
Lost Tribe Of Serling118
The French127
The Bloody Legion of Black-Hearted Brigands132
Death Alchemists14
Stockholm Headhunters14
The Church of Scientology116
Royal Court of Greater Raktam193
Scavengers of the Ghost Ship - One Mo' Time19
Trip The Light Fantastic11
Death to the Vanilla Faces16
Crew of the Red Flag19
Open Arms143
Nimrodian Club12
Kingdom of Hrothween the Mom Nailer16
Brotherhood of Unhinged Smiters14
Team Dai-Gurren07
Royal Cartographic Society03
Horror Icons010
Medics of Shartak Island021
Shartak Speleological Society01
The Lions of Casterly Rock04
Primaevals On Wildlife Extermination Routines02
The Colonial Police06
Kid Showbusiness' Signpost Advertising Agency03
The Anti-Yorker Movement01
Vatican Bank01
Dalpok Liberation Front010
The Cult of Sam02
Societas Eruditorum010
The Lollypop Guild02
The Pirate Captain's Crew037
The Misanthropic Society01
Dental Health06
Pirates Against Rape Oppression and Treachery05
The Evil Killers of Shaman Traders02
La Famiglia di Machetti011
The Green Party of Derby04
The Durham Nationalist Militia05
Shargle Riders of the Mountain030
The Divine Hand01
Parrotologists' Society.05
The Gentleman Thugs01
The Pirate Defense Force08
Dark Shamans of Dalpok02
The Testing Testers02
Pirate Ghosts03
Free Spirits05
Bad Karma04
Assume Blank02
Durham Citizen019
The Dirty Cheating Bastards04
rUdE ViLLaGe04
State of New Jersey06
Raktam Freedom Fighters01
The Derby Fencing Hall01
Owl Cultists01
United Pirate Hunters of Shartak03
SuperHuman Cookies04
Cult of the Toad God05
Pirate National Syndicate02
Exotic Sports Hunting Club071
Team Faggers01
ACID Alliance07
The Bloody Jewel06
The Spartans02
The Shartak Bottle And Backpack Co.04
Raktam Warriors011
Shartak Elephant Hunters03
The unknown Voodoo tribe01
Mercenary's Guild014
Shartak Enlightenment League05
Durham Utility07
Eastern Federation048
1st Colonial Militia021
Feral Undead029
Catholic Church02
La Famiglia di Machitty010
The Aztec Empire04
North Shartak Trading Company014
Tavern Owners and Patrons of Shartak.06
The Lords and Ladies of The New World015
The Bone Gnawers010
La colonie de Port -Breton04
The Wedding01
Kingdom Of Lulz01
2nd Derby Privateers03
Seven Drunken Pirates01
The Royal Expedition037
The Night's Watch01
Shartak Retribution Conventions07
Native Resistance Front091
Beach Cleaning Communal Service02
The Cave Dwellers02
The Caravan of Shartak05
Coalition Against Evil Clones01
Durham Colonial Corps01
Cult of Kumontitlan01
The Haunters 01
Kingdom of Loathing011
The Waugh Arms.030
Demon Hunters01
Anti-Capitalists of Shartak012
The Crackpot Alchemist Society03
Derby Police Dept. 05
Evil League of Evil03
Durham Freedom Society02
Morag Tong01
The Pyrites03
Keepers of the Faith07
The Wiksik Tribe010
Da Waaagh01
Kraken Healers04
Respectable White Men03
The Ancient Gods Of Shartak Island03
Us Vs Them04
Raktami Royal Guard04
The Howl01
Manifest Destiny05
Animals of Shartak03
Cult of Anubis03
The Pirates of Penzance05
Derby Defense Force03
Justice League of America01
Ancient Illuminated Order of Stonebuilders01
THe Order of the Darkness01
Shartak Juice Inc.05
The Exiles01
Royal Pain in the Arse of Greater Raktam01
Shartak Protestant League011
Nature's Wrath02
Default Guild Association Federation01
Dawn Patrol02
Wicksick Headhunters01
The Anarchist's of Shartak01
The Shipwreck Mobile Defence Force03
The island rogues01
Keyblade masters04
Shartakian Tracking Association02
Durham Institute for Combative Knuckles02
The Islanders01
The Way of the Pilgrim02
Kingdom of Shartak03
Brethren of Dionysos02
Pirates of R'lyeh013
The Aotearoa Expeditionary Force.04
2nd Imperial Bank of Shartak03
Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation03
Durham Police010
Clockwork Killers03
The Coalition01
1st Raktam Mercenary Corps03
York Military School02
Shartak Tiger Hunters03
The Delusionals07
Rum and Murder04
The Vodun Knot04
Black Austrian Nazis01
Parrot trainers02
The Cult of Hastur02
River Born Fury020
Kingdom Of Skulls017
Durham Model Army06
Elder Cult of Jiub08
The Kingdom of Skulls01
Musicians of Shartak04
Derby Training Facility013
Pathetic Security Ltd010
Wiksik Healers08
The Brotherhood Of The Coast033
The sovereign power of York01
The R.K.A.03
New Gibraltar03
York Healers03
Antiaggression Association of Shartak Shamans016
The Fire Fly Family03
The Sword of God01
Shartak Research Project02
The Undertakers01
Wicksick Chopper Club01
Helter Skelter08
The Wangs04
I hate people07
The Spartan Recruits02
Philosophe Knights021
Snake Eaters011
The Damned01
Moo World Order02
The Vietcong07
Shartak Preservation Front017
The Crew of The Cursed Thief05
The League of Evil Shamans05
The Pyromaniacs' Guild06
Tribe of the Tarak06
Church of the Resurrection03
Lords of Derby02
Lead Farmers01
The Order of Patriots013
The Mad Scientists015
Peoples Front of Judea01
W.A.R - Wiksik Army for Revolution and war01
The Lurid Scavenging Crew of The Ghost Ship07
The Regulators07
The Cannon Group 03
Farmers Union01
The Screams Of The Damned01
Pathetic Securities Ltd.01
Shartak Wildlife Fund04
Teh Dankest Fart01
The 95th Rifles03
The Jedi03
The Unrested Spirits of Shartak.013
Mushroom Cloud Inc01
Clear Cutters United01
Dead Spunkers01
The Durham Drifters08
Shartak Fire Department04
The Spanish05
Discordian Cargo Cult019
Spirits of Mischief01
The Long Fin Killie Fan Club08
Ghostly Majesty01
Kingdom of the Beach012
Dog Lovers012
The Shartak Guild of Plastic Surgeons01
The Grimmie Hunters01
The Farmers' Union012
Jack Cudgel03
Natives of DOOM02
The International Church of the God Mr Fropsy08
The Hunters of N'kai05
Warriors of Raktam-1st Garrison03
York Colonial Corps028
Brakzkul's Waaagh02
1st Imperial Bank of Shartak01
Derby Hospitallers021
The Roman Legion01
A Simple Church01
The Murder01
Outlwas of Raktam01
The Brotherhood Of Steel01
The Russians012
The York Coalition03
Les Haitiens07
Shartak Nudist and Exhibitionist Society020
The Tea Makers Society05
The British019
St Isidore's Missonary07
Shivering Timbers010
The Adventurers Society 014
Independent Republic of Fort Creedy033
Shartak Cryptozoological Society07
The South Shartak Trading Company042
The Holy Misssion05
Old guard derby defense01
New Age Mercenary's Guild015
Monty Python's Knights of the Holy Grail09
Children of the Corn03
The Council Of Wiksik015
Friends of The Pirate's Rest02
Derby Rangers016
The Duchy of Gorrystan09
The Rambling Drunks03
Criminal Fraternity of Shartak - York Branch09
Broken Arms07
Unity Bank02
Natural Bone Killers01
The Scurvy Crew of the Hell-born Strumpet071
The Buzzards010
Petey Worship Clan057
The cult of Arfenhouseism01
Voodoo Cult01
Island Landscapers011
Dalpok Liberation Army06
Elder Council Of Shartak01
The Rock Pirates05
The Cult of the Shargle01
WickSick Handhunters02
Lonely Hunters06
95th Rifles01
Crew of the Disco Volant04
The Velvet Ribbon 04
Shartak Deforestation Movement028
Federation de l'Est 010
The Holy Order Of The AaAaAaAaAaAaA.03
Society of New Haven044
The People's Republic of Durham02
Th3 Black P3arl06
Healers of Shartak019
Cannibal Utility011
Hunters of Rakmogak01
The Devil's Rejects02
York Peninsular Militia010
Defender Corps of York014
Cult Of Yig05
Shartak Anti-Communists03
Drunk on Manhattans010
State of New York010
The Wiksik Resistance Front08
Bear Warriors of the Mountain022
The Order of the Sword06
The Durham Tea Party010
Civilized Highway Society028
Los Muertos01
The Americans02
WikWik Headhunters02
The Warrior Kingdom of Dalpok02
The Way Of One Pirate Edition010
The Rock Hard Bastards02
The Order Of The Carrot02
The Dalpok Hunters Association01
Order of Dusk01
The Germans08
United States Expeditionary Force03
Clan of YOUR MOM02
Order of the Old Guard01
Club Fails02
The Sharta Empire09
The Brave Defenders of Shartak06
The Weather Club02
Assassin's Guild of the Golden Serpent03
Cannibal Cave Dwarfs015
The Holy Order Of Expedition01
Shaman Hunters01

Statistics available: General Statistics, healing, trading and exorcism, wealthy characters, clan membership, kills per death, kills, player kills and daily stats.

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