Clan : Cult of the Toad God

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For cannibals seeking purpose and union with the Toad God


Rakmogak is empty. Our people are scattered. The Skull Throne lies in ruins, taken over by the jungle. This cannot stand. We were once the nightmares of Shartak. We shall be again.

Here are the Rites of Entry:

1) Go out unto the mainland.
2) Slay all* those who are lvl 10 or over.
3) Return with their skulls.
4) Give them to Rakshasa, Priest of the Toad God.
5) Await the inevitable bloodbath.

The Toad God hungers for sacrifice. When he is sated, he will awaken and the weak shall know agony unlike anything that has yet come to pass. Only those cannibals who endure his Rites shall be spared consumption.

*You may slay cannibals, but only those who have left the gaze of the Toad God (ie. Skull Island).

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Cannibal
Required homes: Rakmogak

Clan Leadership:
Rakshasa (Founder)

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