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Mindless mob mentality, bad science and petty environmental vandalism. The swath moves.


Are you sick and tired of wandering around lost in the jungle being eaten by tigers and that $&%#ing python? We got you fam.

The jungle has to go. Habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, erosion, and species extinction be damned.

Need to rationalize this stupid, needless project?
Fact: Tigers and pythons eat people, and live in the jungle. Remove the jungle, no more tigers and pythons.
Fact: People get lost in the jungle. Remove the jungle, no more getting lost.
Fact: Ecosystem shift drives advantageous mutation selection.

You see, if we have a huge amount of empty space, something will evolve to fill it. Remember those shargles? They didn't just appear at the whim of some bored creator, they evolved to take advantage of an empty ecological niche. Likewise, replacing pristine jungle with great swaths of gully-ridden desertified jungle will eventually spawn the Shartak Island Desert Tortoise.

Those trees aren't cutting themselves down so we need _your_ help. Volunteers of all races, professions and mental capacity report to an empty swath of mud and stumps moving slowly across the island. You're going to need several machetes (or cutlasses if you're feeling trendy) a sharpening stone and a packed lunch. First aid kits and healing herbs are recommended, things can get dicey out here. The vines are tough, and we do have opposition.

The Swath moves! The python shall fall, the tortoise shell rise!

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


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Somaut (Founder)

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