Clan : The Bloody Legion of Black-Hearted Brigands

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The cruelest, most vicious band of outlaws to ever set foot and peg on this god-forsaken island.


The primary objective of The Legion be to restore some semblance of pride and discipline among pirates. The shipwreck must be tightly run by professional killers if we be to present a united front to the island. If no such professionals can be found, any and all manner of scoundrels shall suffice. We shall focus our defenses on the shipwreck and the temple and our attacks on the outsiders and natives who plague our shores with their civility and savagery. Brigands may always pillage and plunder as they see fit, but when The Legion fights as one, we shall crash down upon our enemies like a tidal wave and drown them in an ocean of their own blood.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
Captain Low (Founder)
OpiumJoe (Founder)

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