Clan : Royal Pain in the Arse of Greater Raktam


As bloodthirsty janitor to the royal throne of Raktam, Not Blue Hummingbird has established an outhouse in close proximity to the trader's hut and to the herbal hut.

Since Queen Hummingbird's death, King Sofaking has taken over, becoming the new Raktam Monarch. He holds similar beliefs as Queen Hummingbird does, and plans on expanding Raktam's influence. Not Blue Hummingbird is an anarchist and opposes these imperialistic ideals. Currently, Not Blue Hummingbird is conducting guerrilla warfare against the Royal Court in a desperate attempt to sever monarchist influence from free lands.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
Not Blue Hummingbird (Founder)

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