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The clan that puts the "sexy" back in "exterminating primitive cultures"

We are also proud supporters of Botheringham FC, come on the bov's!

We dont have a complete clan ethos. Our members are free to do what they want, on the whole they have decided to leave graffiti on stuff and kill anyone who has a profile that screams "Im a middle aged guy who lives with his mother and plays D&D" but some of them just like to walk on the beach and watch the sunset.

I think we have been attacked by every clan in the game at this point, but we arent the kind to hold a grudge and have no death lists or anything. Mostly because killing people costs more AP than its worth most of the time, so if one of us killed you.. that cost us 20 occasions of writing "dongs" on stuff, so you must have been REALLY annoying to get that face punching.

Dislikes - People who have names like "elven princess", "sunshinegollyfellow" or "Colonel Thimblesworth". People who speak in deliberate and deeply flawed attempts at contemporary game accents. Farthingham FC and all their scurrilous supporters.

Likes - Long walks, puppies and being given stuff. Shiny stuff for preference.

Oh yeah, and we killed everyone in york and all the shamans in the area for a weekend, but you know, we were just celebrating the triumph of the Bov's in the interleague regional cup. All high spirits, good lads really.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
MrGale (Founder)

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