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The Elite Roleplayers of Shartak. Think you can roleplay with us?


Shartak is a roleplaying game that has aspects of violence, but everyone seems to forget that.

The Society of Notable Somebodies, or SONS, is a circle of ELITE Roleplaying members of Shartak society, who meet a strict and a very unforgiving set of standards.

System of Notability Standard

1. A Notable must have an intelligent sounding name. That means, they have AT LEAST ONE given name and a family name/surname.
1.1. Notable Natives are exempt from this rule. Rule 2 applies to them more strictly.
1.2 Titles may be used in-place of family names, such as Princess or Prince or Lord.

2. A Notable is well-known for his/her roleplaying in-game and in the forums.

3. Anyone may join, but if The Society doesn't find you notable enough, they may remove you from the lists until you become more notable.


Society Requirements from a Notable Somebody
1. You must maintain your Notable self as a notable roleplayer of any sort. Characterization is a must.
2. Try to participate in future Society events, like Notable Gatherings, should they occur.
3. Avoid committing acts of violence against other Notable Somebodies, as we're all civilized.

When it comes to the Society of Notable Somebodies' System of Notability Standards, simplicity often negates style, wouldn't you agree?

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 10

Clan Leadership:
Ethir Wraithwain (Founder)

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