Clan : Ghost Syndicate of York


If you hunt in York, YORK may hunt YOU!!


York is a place many wander through for their rest and relaxation. A place to lay low between adventures. A place to peacefully gather to restock and sell off our gainfully acquired stuff. Traders from far and wide pander their wares in the pursuit of that shiny coin. Our own Stone Owl Tavern is renown throughout all of Shartak as a gathering place for all to interact and carouse till the dawns eye pokes over the horizion.

It has its underbelly of undesirables too, but other than the entertainment of the occasional revenge killing, Blood barely trickles through these streets. Peace and Prosperity was there to be grasped.

Or at least this all WAS what York was all about. Times have changed and York has withered. It is time to draw a line in the sand and reclaim our towns place on this Island.

The underbelly of York has gathered, and to that effect this Clan is created to further Yorks agenda. So to that effect:

New Rules!!

1. York is no longer an open town.

Hungry cannibals and the wandering PK'er can stop using York as their one stop shopping and dining experience.

2. Revenge killings are allowed.

These must be announced in some fashion.

3. Graffiti (there seems to be some discussion still in the works about this. to be fine tuned at a later date)

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only
Minimum level required is level 15

Clan Leadership:
Dam Frawd (Founder)

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