Clan : Petey Worship Clan


Escape Damnation and Worship Petey and follow his teachings.


Petey is moving on with his life. He did he job and made sure the shartak world continued when it was almost lost. He has died for the last time for the worlds sins. Only now by joining his clan and being a true believer can you escape eternal damnation.

One day petey might return upon this Earth, but by then it will be judgement day and only the faithful will survive as petey rages on to fight the anti-petey

You all know him. The GOD who claims the hold for his own. Be choosen by him and experience great bliss. Reject him and burn in hell for all eternity upon your real death or Ragnarok, which ever comes first.

Come on who has more follows in this game than the legendary Petey. He's better than some star-god native or whatever crap that is, better than holding crummy elections to get a governor.

First the whole shipwreck will be converted, then the we'll move village by village and tak ethe entire island. After all that Petey will reveal his true god form, eliminating his mortal shell and grant all his true believers perfect bliss forever.

Come on and join the clan and worship him today. And convert others if it doesn'rt hurt too much.

And don't kill other clan members!!!

Also Macrosoft is the cool, loyal second in command, give him or her (never asked which is true) some gold.

Jack Cudgel has been upgraded to archangel of Petey. Respect him well.

norvillerogers has moved on the real world and is to be my first pope, to guild petey followers

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
petey (Founder)

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