Clan : The Necromancers Guild


Between life and death we stand.


We are an alliance of shamans and spirits working for the mutual benefit of one another. We welcome all who would join us in our craft but you will gain no advantage from joining us unless you are a powerful spirit capable of wailing or at least knowledgeable in the healing arts. We do not accept Exorcism in any way or form just as we do not accept forceful possession used to harm our shaman. Abide by those rules and everything else is pretty much common sense!

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Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
Etherdrifter (Founder)
Vortex (Admin)
ziggyirked (Admin)
Bhaal (Admin)
Big Kahuuna (Admin)
Tracer (Admin)
Haruspex (Founder)
Liberal Pi (Admin)

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