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Illegitimi non carborundum, en ardua ad alta, circa la circulus vitiosus, sic semper erat, et erit!


3, 6, 9, damn good time, the Bermuda Triangle chewed the Astrals of an old Ley Line, the Line broke, the Island got choked, and that Smart ones left on a Kraken powered boat. Who's Left? Oh, you folks. We've been many people. All will become clear in time. Yeah, we hope so too. Part of the fun is starting / over / again. One. Last. Time.

It's been [birthday17.gif] really, we been at this. What's the definition of insanity?

Cycle: Life is / Lives are, a Circle, a Spiral really.
Path: Many to Choose from, your Walk and your Talk.
Thick: 'cause We were too Thick and Stupid to Get it Right the First few times around.
Cyclepathick: Doing the Same things Again and Expecting different Results? Mmmmaybe? Who cares.

We remember the old days, [oldone.gif] , the old ways.

Rules we Try to Live by?Be scary🎃Sometimes you Have to be.💀Track your Prey.👣Create beneficial contacts.👥Be who Ever it Is you Gotta be.👮Even👷if💂it's🕵️weird.🧑‍⚕️Study.🧑‍🌾Grow.🧑‍🍳Investigate.🧑‍🔬Teach & Learn.🧑‍🚒Rescue.🧑‍⚖️Judge well, the🦸Heroes🦹Villains🧟and Kill the Zombifieds.🎩Act Class.⛑Protect You and Yours.

Clan🐭Philosophy?🐰Sheesh.🐻Has🐯This🐒one been🐦Overthought!🦅Live and Let🦇Duh?🐺Hunt, hunt, hunt.🐗Add Killers to your Contacts.🕷Hunt and Kill them Any time🐢and any Where🐍you can Find them.🦑Don't🦀stop🦈Killing🐊them🐅Until🦍they🐘Ask you🐏Not to.🦌No killing🐕‍🦺Peaceful Intenders🦃Unless we🦜Know better.🕊Network with🐇Good people🐀and Establish Community🌴for a Better Island!🌎

We'll🍊have🍌a🍓S/HitList🥭up🍺Soon🍷enough.🥃Some folks🍹will Never🍾Act right.

Artifacts abound🥎place to place,🏊check the Wiki🏆and the Forum.🥇Avoid the Drama though🎭and Remember it's Just a🎮Game.

Those darn SkyGods🛸May have🚢still Left⚓️us a Few🗺remaining Mysteries🏝Here🏔and There🏞to Discover!

We Come here💻to get Away from🖥"Real Life",🖱so🧭Enjoy that time.⏳Consider donating to the Game too.💸It may help.⚖️Judge🔫Jury🪓and Execute🔪with⚔️Whatever's⚰️onhand.⚱️Remember, death is only a temporary setback.🕳

☯️ The ♈️ Chaotic ♉️ Animals ♊️ got ♓️ it. ♌️ Skulturepion ♍️ came ♎️ close ♏️ too. ♐️ S.H.A.R.T. ♑️ even ♒️ knew. ♋️ We'll do even better.

We'll⬅️have a↖️Clan webpage⬆️Up soon Enough.↗️Already Made➡️a Few↘️too.⬇️Just deciding↙️which One.

🏴‍☠️ Violators of the should be sent to forthwith.

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 3


Clan Leadership:
Cobalternate (Founder)

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