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Here we Go, Again and AgAiN.


3, 6, 9, damn good time, the Bermuda Triangle chewed the Astrals of an old Ley Line, the Line broke, the Island got choked, and that Smart ones left on a Kraken powered boat. Who's Left? Oh, you folks. We've been many people. All will become clear in time. Yeah, we hope so too. Part of the fun is starting / over / again. One. Last. Time.

Cycle: Life is / Lives are, a Circle, a Spiral really.
Path: Many to Choose from, your Walk and your Talk.
Thick: 'cause We were too Thick and Stupid to Get it Right the First few times around.
Cyclepathick: Doing the Same things Again and Expecting different Results? Mmmmaybe? Who cares.

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 3

Clan Leadership:
Cobalternate (Founder)

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