Clan : Durham Pistoleers


Disbanded in '07 the Pistoleers were the first armed force on Shartak.


All respectful folk should be allowed to pass thru Durham and spend time & money freely. Take the words of our beloved friend & founder Dennis Kuijt with a grain of salt. Since his tenure, Yorkers have become harmless religious zeolites, no one has seen a Derby citizen outside of Derby in seven years, and the native clans are non functioning & leaderless. Individuals entering the city will be judged by behavior. Not past misdeeds of their fore-bearers. That said, spooge, thechump and FlayIII should be killed on sight.

Now to quote the Dutch soldier Dennis Kuijt:

The objective of the Durham Pistoleers is to keep Durham safe from both the primitive natives, vicious pirates as well as hostile settlers from Derby and York. If encountered within Durham borders, members of these groups should be asked in a friendly, but firm tone to hand over their gold and leave the area quietly - if not they should be blown to smithereens.

We also try to to keep PKing and zerging Durhamites out of our lovely settlements. Check our wiki page for people unwanted in Durham.

We're on friendly terms with the pirate Patch, so please don't shoot him if you come across him.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Settler Pirate Soldier Explorer
Required homes: Durham

URL: http:///index.php/Durham_Pistoleers

Clan Leadership:
Mike Gambit (Founder)

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