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The 1st C.C. of Durham met in Dread Thespian Hall in Durham, as a remedy to The Darkest Fear.


The Shartak delegations were made up of an even mix of the most eminent group of men in Shartak. The Plague. George Washington Stabber. The Man Who Sold Death. John Yaya. Too Much Johnson. Mushy Nebakanezer. Peyton Randolph. Flagon O'keafe. the axman. Patrick I Like Big Butts Henry, Colo. Benjamin Harrison. Jack laird. Richard Bland. Tony Roma's Mama. We pledge a Durham by the people and for the people! Not just a bunch of stupid idiots trying to act scary and murdering every character who isn't in their stupid clan. I'm TheDreadThespian burt Reynolds! Ruling from absentia. No, not ruling. But I might swing by occasionally when I ain't filming.

The objectives of the body were not entirely clear but, with such leadership as was found there, a core set of tasks was carried out. It was agreeable to all that the grievances of the colonies and that the body must do everything possible to communicate to The Darkest Fear (thru force or death) that they are being MISFIT-ian dicks and that no one likes them. And to stop screwing around. We're trying to live in an society here. Grab some pantaloons or a powdered wig and come kick some ass. We ain't pussy footin' around here.

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.

Clan Leadership:
TheDreadThespian burt reynolds (Founder)

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