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Island Landscapers is a group of Shartakians dedicated to the maintenance and expansion of all roadways in Shartak. Visit the forum link below for more information.

Main Roads

Shartak Passage/Shartak Trail W/E
Endpoint: (at Memorial Freeway) [-70.638,+26.350]
Dangerpoint: [-70.426,+26.350] (fires over much of the road. keep going E and the path returns.)
Endpoint: (at Seether's Walk) [-70.114,+26.374]
condition: The longest running road in Shartak, with direct links to all the mainland villages except Dalpok (for now). Due to a miscommunication early in its construction it is generally written as the Shartak Passage in the West and the Shartak Trail in the East. Mostly paved and signposted but there are a few hiccups, especially around York.

Durham-York Memorial Freeway W/E
endpoint (at Durham): [-70.638,+26.350]
Endpoint (at York): [-70.403,+26.350]
Condition: Name originates earlier than Reign of Jack Burgundy, but it was in common circulation at least as far back as November 2007. Paved and signposted. Beware, the route from Durham is frequently attacked by vandals.

Dalpok/Shipwreck NW/SE
Startpoint: (at Shipwreck) [-70.541,+26.543]
Endpoint: (at Dalpok) [-70.442,+26.444]
Condition: Also called the Jakota-Shubar Path. Someone has rebuilt 3/4 of the road to display little RP descriptions about pirates. The signs still show the shipwreck being north-west but not Dalpok being south-east. However, the start and endpoints for the roads still show the original markers, so it shouldn't be too confusing for travellers. Paved and Posted.

Dalpok/York Trail NW/SE
Endpoint: (at Dalpok) [-70.430,+26.442]
Endpoint: (at York) [-70.369,+26.321] (going N/S)
Condition: Also called the Woo Elephant Yeah Trail for the player who built it. Note that the road has an unusual split coming up from York - if you keep going north it turns into a 3-way intersection with links to the Dalpok/Wiksik road to the West and the Christmas Road to the East. Paved and 'posted.  

Wiksik/Raktam Road NW/SE
Endpoint:  (Wiksik) [-70.241,+26.407]
dangerpoint: (Wiksik Grasslands) [-70.255,+26.421]
Endpoint: (Raktam) [-70.315,+26.467]
Condition: Also called the Armacho Trail. Signposts lead out of both villages but they abruptly stop a dozen paces out on either end.

Dalpok/Raktam Road NE/SW
Endpoint: (Dalpok) [-70.435,+26.448]
Checkpoint: [-70.429,+26.454] (route now goes North/South)
Checkpoint: [-70.429,+26.470] (route hugs the mountain going Eastbound with slight variation, until [-70.360,+26.470] when it goes due E away from the mountain)
Endpoint: (Raktam) [-70.326,+26.470]
Condition: Also called the Azuma road, presumably after the legendary Mountain Dalpoki. This looks more complicated than it is. The route traces much of the north-eastern perimeter of the Mountain, following its jagged cliffs, so signposts abruptly head NE, then SE, and so on. Paved and 'posted.  

Alligator Road NE/SW
Endpoint: (Wiksik) [-70.236,+26.414]
Checkpoint: (road goes N/S) [-70.226,+26.424]
Checkpoint: (road returns to NE/SW route) [-70.226,+26.431]
Checkpoint: (road returns to N/S route) [-70.222,+26.434]
Checkpoint: (road turns E/W) [-70.219,+26.464]
Endpoint: (Tarak's Spit)  [-70.186,+26.464]
Condition: Named for the Alligator Hunt put on by Team Tathers, this is a good example of a bad road. The route has been extensively vandalised so it can be a guessing game trying to find the main path, and the jungle overgrowth makes it impassable in places. However, it remains the only road that goes to Tarak's Spit, so it's still of some use. The road also cuts through a nearby cave entrance (Burning Fields?).

Intersection Roads

Shartak Main Crossroads NS/WE: [-70.319,+26.407]
Condition: Almost dead center of the island, this is the major artery for the Native villages, and appropriately marked by a skullpost. N/S is the  Raktam/Shartak Passage (Christmas Road), W/E follows the Dalpok/Wiksik Road.

Christmas Road N/S
Endpoint: (intersection of Shartak Trail) [-70.319,+26.374]
Endpoint: (Raktam) [-70.319,+26.462]
Condition: So named because it cuts through Santa's Grotto. Paved and signposted.

Seethers Walk NW/SE
Endpoint: (intersection of Shartak Trail) [-70.113,+26.373]
Endpoint: (Derby) [-70.092,+26.352]
Condition: Named after the irascible Sheriff of Derby, the trail formally ends at the site of The Hanged Misfit. Paved and signposted.

The Wiksik Detour NE/SW
Endpoint: (intersection of Shartak Trail) [-70.269,+26.375]
Endpoint:  (Wiksik) [-70.243,+26.401]
Condition: Paved and signposted.

Path of Spirits N/S
Endpoint: (crossroads of Shartak Trail) [-70.218,+26.374]
Checkpoint: [+70.218,-26.384] (trail proceeds NW to Wiksik)
Endpoint North: (Wiksik) [-70.236,+26.402]
Endpoint South: (shoreline due Midway) : [-70.218,+26.368]
Condition: Name is presumably a reference to Midway Isle or the Wiksik Spirit Hut. Signposts abruptly stop at [-70.224,+26.390] going NW to Wiksik, all else is properly paved and signposted. PoS holds the distinction of being the only known road that connects to an outlying islet.

Dalpok-Wiksik Road W/E
Endpoint: (intersection of Dalpok/York Trail) [-70.395,+26.407]
Endpoint: (Wiksik) [-70.242,+26.407]
Condition: Paved and 'posted.

The Durham Detour N/S
Startpoint: (intersection of Dalpok/Shipwreck Road) [-70.489,+26.491]
Endpoint (intersection of Memorial Freeway): [-70.490,+26.350]
Description: Near the end of the route there are some ruins belonging to a so-called super-villain. He has built signs directing the Detour over his way. As he seems to mean no harm to the road, I've allowed it, so the road is now slightly off-tilt by 1 square east. Paved and Posted.

York Road NW/SE
Endpoint: (intersection of Shartak Passage) [-70.403,+26.350]
Endpoint: (York) [-70.374,+26.321]
Condition: Paved and 'posted.

Access Roads

Note: This mainly refers to intersection roads that lead to boatyards and aren't very long. It may also refer to roads leading to ruins or other rest-stops.

Driftwood road N/S
Endpoint: (intersection of Memorial Freeway) [-70.491,+26.350]
Endpoint: (boatyard) [-70.491,+26.345]  
Condition: Paved and 'posted.

Driftwood road N/S
Endpoint: (intersection of Memorial Freeway) [-70.595,+26.350]
Endpoint: (boatyard) [-70.595,+26.345]
Condition: Paved and 'posted.

Driftwood road N/S
Endpoint: (intersection of Shartak Trail) [-70.309,+26.374]
Endpoint: (boatyard) [-70.309,+26.368]
Condition: Paved and 'posted.

Driftwood road N/S
Endpoint: (intersection of Shartak Trail) [-70.238,+26.374]
Endpoint: (boatyard) [-70.238,+26.365]
Condition: Paved and 'posted.

Temple Road N/S
Endpoint: (Pirate's Arch) [-70.539,+26.543]
Endpoint: (Temple) [-70.539,+26.532]
Condition: Paved and 'posted.

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