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<i>To the newly arrived and the longly settled alike:</i>

You have come to this brave new world seeking your fortune, your adventure, or just your livelihood, and one can think of no braver undertaking than to conquer this uncharted wilderness. But with this adventure comes the promise of fortunes great and exotic, as well as the need for items both mundane and essential. Where there is human civilization, there will always be trade, and to that, we aim to accomodate.

As of this day forth, <b>The South Shartak Trading Company</b> has been established in the hopes of opening communications and commerce lines to all known settlements on the Island of Shartak. We facilitate the movement of supplies from community to community in hopes of making our own fortune and bettering the lives of all those on the island.

Our founder has made the dangerous trek from Shipwreck Bay (home of the pirates) via Derby, then York, for trade of their valuable rums and much sought after cutlasses. Our clan hopes to establish other routes to and from Shipwreck Bay and South Shartak, and we even intend to create trading routes between the villages of natives and outsiders.

Members of our clan deliver goods both exotic and mundane, in singles or in bulk, to every trading post in Shartak -- for an appropriate price in gold.

Our enterprise is dangerous, but promises great benefit to all peoples of Shartak, as well as personal prosperity for the few brave enough to undertake it.

Our clan members are encouraged to undertake individual trading journeys to their own destinations at their own pace. But since we know well the dangers of the jungles, know also that any nearby traders of The South Shartak Trading Company will be glad to assist you.

<i>Who among you is brave enough to challenge the jungles and bring civilization forth?</i>

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
Tycho Yarr Everett (Founder)

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