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The Morag Tong is an assassins guild providing three varieties of execution: public executions, private executions, and Clan wars executions. Constrained by ancient traditions and rigid codes of conduct, the Morag Tong only recruits candidates of proven skill and honor.

The Morag Tong use contracts called 'writs'. Once a contract has been accepted, these honorable writs of execution will be passed on to the assassins, who will then assassinate the target.

If you want someone dead, visit any of the masters. Provide the target's name and ID, any information about his or her current whereabouts, and what sort of execution you desire. We will then negotiate a price. Once the payment has been done, one of our assassins will accept the writ. The assassin will then proceed to execute the target.

If you want to join as an assassin, you must prove your worth by fulfilling a writ. Once the trial is done, you will be accepted in our ranks. From then on, you can advance in rank depending on how well you perform. As an assassin, you will receive 90% of the gold paid for the execution. If, for some reason, you fail to fulfill the details requested by the client, you will get a small penalty of up to only 50% of the gold. You don't have to be an assassin constantly, so once you're part of the Morag Tong, you don't have to stick around constantly. You can also choose if you want to fulfill only private contracts, or any of them. As an assassin, you will remain anonymous unless you perform a public or clan war execution. You do not have to 'join' the Morag Tong in-game in order to be an assassin if you wish to remain anonymous.

There are three types of contracts. Public executions, private executions and Clan Wars executions.
A private execution simply means that the target has to be disposed of, and is the cheapest of the three. Only the client, the master and the assassin fulfilling the contract will know about it.
A public execution means that the target will be disposed of in public, together with a message from the Morag Tong and/or the contractor. It is also possible to request any details for the manner of execution.
A Clan Wars execution is the assassination of a founder in a large clan. These contracts can only be created by founders of any large clan, and only this type of contract can kill founders of a large clan. Before the target is killed, he will be informed which group ordered the assassination. Just like a public execution, details for the manner of execution can be requested, and depending on the circumstances, will be carried out. A large clan is any clan with 6+ active members. The target has to be a founder of his primary clan, and the primary clan has to have at least 6 members. The contractor has to be a founder of a large clan as well, but that can be any clan and not just the primary clan.

Please note that even though we can assassinate someone from clan A in the name of clan B, we are a neutral party. We will just as easily assassinate someone from clan B in the name of clan A. We are an independent party.

Current base contract prices:
Private execution: 5GC + 1GC per character level
Public execution: 15GC + 2GC per level
Clan War execution: 30GC + 3GC per level
Cannibals with ritual gluttony will cost +15GC to assassinate.

Details can be negotiated. Vocal messages are free of charge, but only available for public and clan war executions.

Currently, Grandmaster Eno Hlaalu is located in the sacred space temple area, in the northern stone building. He is accepting any requests and is willing to answer any questions our potential clients may have. In the future we hope to start up guild halls in most villages.

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only

Clan Leadership:
Eno Hlaalu (Founder)

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