Clan : The Church of Scientology


Hello fellow sentient beings!!


Help me make Shartak clear!
I am L. Ron Hubbard!


LRH is not only a bestselling author, he is a master of all fighting disciplines, an advisor to all the world's heads of state, a nuclear physicist, a marine biologist, a porn-star, a gangster rapper, a compentant chef, and a renowned expert in the art of lovemaking .....



Day 1: Salvation of Durham.

Destruction of The Darkest Fear in Durham. They are on the run. Take the city & hold it. Eventually we will kill their shaman so they cannot resurrect. This must be done every day.

The assault on York, day 2:

Hello again fellow sentient beings! Using my spectral body I've checked out York, and they're ripe for plunder! The SPs are asleep at the switch!

Right now you're thinking, why should I follow this incredible fellow? Yes, he's shockingly handsome. And has charisma to burn. My life meant practically nothing until I laid eyes upon him, but still, I have reservations! Well don't! As this is a maritime assault, attack from the swamps to the north. I am a naval officer after all! You may now call me The Commodore! The Shaman must die first! I might let the trader live. I might. Probably not. But maybe.



The assault on York, day 3:

It begins! We've filled our gourds with fresh water near the swamps. No bottles. Bottled water is for soccer moms! Let us build fires & tell tales! The rabble SP of York can shiver and cry in their petti-skirts as they await our approach.


Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Warrior Settler Villager Pirate Soldier Scout Explorer Scientist Cannibal Shaman
Required homes: York, Durham, Derby, the shipwreck, Dalpok, Wiksik, Raktam, Rakmogak

Clan Leadership:
L. Ron Hubbard (Founder)

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