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"There is no person that doesn't deserve a good drink."


A MISFIT: A person not suited in behavior or attitude to a particular social environment but feels the need to protect the local bar and the town/village it resides in.

THE MISFITS is a group of unsuited individuals that hold one thing in common - the law of the bar.

The law of the bar states: "There is no person that doesn't deserve a good drink."

Following this law, a MISFIT can be found hanging out in a pub, bar, cantina or the like. They try their best to do no harm to others that hang out with them, but will defend the patrons if times get rough.

SANCTUARY CLAUSE: Bars are sacred grounds to a MISFIT, but the bar is certainly no church. If a person is on that town's KOS list or banned they will still be welcomed to a drink, although a MISFIT will care less if they wind up dead on the floor because of it.

Misfit Rules:

1) Do not kill in the bar.
2) Do not kill in Derby, east swamp or the area inbetween. MISFIT territory

Recognized law enforcement/merc clause: If they inform the Misfits of the crimes of the one they are seeking in the bar they may be allowed to kill them within the bar. Mercs might be frowned upon if they are collecting on a fellow Misfit, however. (See Revenge kills)

Only exceptions to the 2 rules:

-Kill on sight (KoS) players are kill on sight to everyone in town. Whether in the bar or within town limits anyone is welcome to kill these players:
KoS Most Wanted Listed here is the Most Wanted for everyone to see (Not in any kind of order)
Active at this moment. Kill on sight!
Revenge kills are acceptable within town limits. Please do not do them in the bar, however. It is also best to tell one of the Misfits why you did this kill so that there is no misunderstanding.
Kills in defense are also acceptable, even within the bar. Be sure that you tell someone it was in self-defense, especially if you are in the bar when you did it, else you could wind up dead fast just for killing in the bar.

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<<<I have removed all names from the KOS lists and hereby declare the Misfits a clan of peace. All old grudges are forgiven. All are welcome to visit the Hanged Misfit and have a drink with the few Misfits that remain. If you can find any...>>> -- Swamp Thing

Restrictions are listed below:

Invitation only
Minimum level required is level 3

Clan Leadership:
Swamp Thing (Founder)
Katie Calhoun (Founder)
Winston T. Monocle (Founder)
man friday (Founder)
Payton Gunn (Founder)

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