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Our Clan Description is MADE of TagLines!


ChAoTic aNiMaL TrIbE!:
Nature! :D

{There are some Qualities - - some Incorporate / Things, That have a Double / Life, which thus is made A type of that Twin / Entity which Springs from Matter and Light, evinced in Solid / and / Shade.}:yin ~Edgar Allan Poe, "Silence". Both Living and Dead, we are one unified being. :/

Why Cats? Why ChAoTic aNiMaLs? The original vision is here: The {CAT} Inspiration?:
"Ask yourself, in the wilds of Shartak, where the Noble are Treacherous, the Dangerous are Hungry, the Righteous are Deceitful, the Arrogant are Cowards, Only the Wild are Free. Better a true Darkness, than a false and flickering Light. We Serve Chaos by Being Chaos, Living Chaos, Expressing Chaos. And through it all, we do it Our Way. Nothing is Dictated to us, though we do listen and hear, we remain ChAoTiCally neutral. We're not a Clan so much as we are a species, an order, a breed, a title bestowed, or a TrIbE!" CHAOS RULES! :P�

The {CAT} Motto, {CAT} Creed & {CAT} Philosophy!: "Here in Shartak, there are only two types of creature, Predator and Prey. Forgetting this can prove deadly. If it attacks like a predator, pursues like a predator, treat it like any other predator. Defend, retreat, bait, evade, hunt, heal, explore or just make your mark. Be at peace like a Deer or be as unrelenting as an Elephant or be as strong as any Bear or Tiger or crafty as any Monkey. But Carry yourself with reserve, dignity, respect. Easy, just Respect the Respectable. Ignore the Ignorant. :O

The rules are... there are no rules. Shartak will know you by your actions and words, and will reward or punish you accordingly. Often it will be with no Honor or Fairness, You can Benefit or Burn by this ecosystem, it's all a balance. Eventually. :|

On Life & Death!:
Death is only a temporary setback, Life is just one big game/hunt, to err is only human, but to Adapt to the Chaos we must be Animals. :@

Have you joined us yet? Yes? Welcome to the Wild Side! No? Well. "All are Welcome, Some may even Stay, Many could Arrive, but Few should Return." :)

Again I say,
{CAT}: *-/ChAoTiC/aNiMaL/tRiBe!/-*
{Who we are is why we rock!} :D

When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us. --Alexander Graham Bell. We're a Tribe of many pelts, of various species, several villages and settlements and of one mind. Our Own. ;)

Readers of the Clan Description?:
Lmao, so here we are! Still reading? Fur real? Inside looking Out? Or Outside looking In? Whassapidat?! Btw, We can see you reading this. "Hssst, who goes there!" You might wanna uh ya know, blow your nose. Yeah, there ya go, ok, better now, whew, lol. Wait. No. Ok, you got it. Omfgd, don't eat it! :S

But a CAuTion!:
Do not Meddle in the Affairs of CATs, for you are small and squeeky and colorful and smell of tunafish or chicken! ;)

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 1
Required classes: Warrior Settler Villager Pirate Soldier Scout Explorer Scientist Cannibal Shaman
Required homes: York, Durham, Derby, the shipwreck, Dalpok, Wiksik, Raktam, Rakmogak

URL: Http://Www.BlogTalkRadio.Com/BarnCatRadio/

Clan Leadership:
Cobalt Manticore (Founder)

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