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A new light gleams for those that would treasure it and lift it high for all to see!


The Society of New Haven is based in the old ruins northwest of Durham and safeguards the welfare of its home. From the aged stones of New Haven itself to the Durham Peninsula as a whole, the peace and stability of the peninsula shall be kept for the benefit of its citizens and its guests.

In every New Havener, you will find an ambitious individual ready to carve their own path of this island. Be they gardeners, politicians, merchants, mercenaries, seafaring gluttons or wayward explorers. Anyone and everyone is welcome within the walls of New Haven, so that we may all prosper, have fun, and build something to be proud of.

New Haven! Our Haven! A Haven for all!

Restrictions are listed below:

There are no restrictions.


Clan Leadership:
Solemn (Founder)

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