Clan : Tribe of the Tarak

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A pro native clan which allows any native into the Tribe.


Based out of Tarak's Spit, the Tribe is founded on native culture. Here a native can be themselves, whether it be the peaceful type, the undead shaman, or even a headhunter, all natives are allowed, and all Tribe members will be protected when possible.

The Tribe believe in animalistic totems, and as such, the alligator holds a high place in the Tribe's heart. The alligator represents ancient wisdom, patience, and the ability to see above emotion.

Come join the Tribe, and be embraced by your heritage.

Restrictions are listed below:

Required classes: Warrior Villager Scout Cannibal Shaman
Required homes: Dalpok, Wiksik, Raktam, Rakmogak


Clan Leadership:
Otfried (Founder)
Rachel Stone (Founder)

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