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Home: the shipwreck
Been on the island since 2021-02-12
Died: 18 times (last time was 2021-04-30 12:58 at the hands of The Barbarian, killed by a blowpipe)
Level: 11
Class: Pirate (outsider)
Primary Clan: S.H.A.R.T.
Secondary Clan: Atmosfear Got Killed by a Parrot


Suspected Vampirate, really simply could just be here for all your stuff. Refrains from calling it "Booty". The Soldier, Explorer, Settler, Scientist, and Pirate of The Shipwreck. This boat should really be named something. The P.S.S. "Something". Shouldn't Google to get here anymore. So tired of reading about Shiritaki noodles. I am that chill in the air.

March: I'm making friends and influencing people. Finally in a clan, led by a really funny mollusk man that resembles a larval Conan O'Brien, whatever that is. He tells me who to kill, and says if they've got a problem with that, to take it up with him. He stands by his commands. What a mensch. He totally gets how much work really it took to get killed by a parrot.

April: The plan was there was no plan at least not any we can discuss openly. Gliding on the winds of fate and chaos for now. The good news is we're unifying the island and getting some muchly needed "cleanup" work done in the process. "Project: Ninjanitor" has been fun and fulfilling. Exploration and experimentation continues. Now for Rum!

May: "S.H.A.R.T. and I have no choice now but to stop negative Natives and oppressive Outsiders before they destroy Shartak! Freedom may be the right of all sentient beings, but to protect the greater good we must vanquish the Guilty! It won't be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is!"

They carry 1 pocket watch, 1 tricorn hat, 1 wild boar tusk necklace, 2 cat-o-nine tails, 1 silver skull cross, 2 tiger tooth amulets and 2 harpoons.

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Achievements:(1 total)
Shartak Probie
Areas explored: 590 (16.3% of island)
HP Healed: 0
Trading Points: 31
Spirits Exorcised: 0 (not a shaman)
Wailing Damage: 0
Ritual Feasts: 0 (not a cannibal)
Mentioned in 0 profile

The following extended statistics are since 1st Jan 2011.

Alcohol Brewed: 0
Alcohol Drunk: 4
Heads Collected: 0
Fruit Juiced: 0
Successful Possessions: 0
Tracks Found: 0
Fires Started: 0
Fires Extinguished: 0
Items Buried: 0
Items Found: 76
Jungle Chopped: 1
Parrots Tamed: 0
Monkeys Tamed: 0
Signposts Built: 3
Signposts Smashed: 5
Treasures Found: 0 (added 2014-07-14)

NPC kills: 42; last kill: alligator
 Animals: 42
 Shamans: 0
 Traders: 0
Natives killed: 7; last kill: Jalba Ja
 Raktam: 1
 Dalpok: 4
 Wiksik: 2
 Rakmogak: 0
Outsiders killed: 3; last kill: Gol D. Roger
 Derby: 2
 Durham: 0
 York: 0
 Shipwreck: 1
NPC kills (detailed):
wild boar5
small deer3
large stag3
guard dog1
large deer1

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