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Home: Rakmogak
Been on the island since 2018-11-09
Died: 14 times (last time was 2019-12-20 13:42 at the hands of Ryan O'Neil, killed by a rifle)
Level: 33
Class: Cannibal (native)
Primary Clan: The Rakmogaki Collective
Secondary Clans: The First Continental Congress of Durham and The Lurid Scavenging Crew of The Ghost Ship


A short green goblin with intelligence capable of speaking the human language and is skilled with taking out humans twice his size. Styx is a skilled infiltrator and assassin able to kill a native or outsider without alarming the entire settlement, He prefers attacking people without them being aware of his presence as he is fragile to head on combat.

After stalking and killing Dalek. Styx has eaten the edible entrails and collected his metallic head as a trophy for getting his revenge after being slain twice by the mad robot.

spooge Define "asshat" sir I kill all outsiders on sight but no natives except one who got rekt by a goblin who hates darkest fear even though their leader is an outsider himself? Also to point it out you refuse peace or treaties to any pirate or outsider but yet you spare Fear Itself along with other of his goons? I think you should double check your profile and keep it up-to-date.

Now Styx is a assassin for hire and will accept gold coins for payment only. 25 gold for someone of your choice for this sneaky goblin to murder and 30 gold coins to kill the target along with leaving a message to your victim via the writing or speaking in chat. If you change your mind about having your victim killed or want someone else dead let me know ASAP and I'll switch targets Note: you can only change your target once per contract so choose wisely. If I fail to take out the target 3 times I'll cancel the active contract and notify the customer follow by a full refund. Before you give me a contract remember GOLD FIRST then fill out the contract.

Questions or comments let me know in game. PS gold is just like amber.

Hello fellow cannibals! I got a message that our so called "Master of Dalpok & Durham" "spooge" left after he volunteered to help me solve my hunger problem:
Carved on the wall is some writing. It reads ‚Cannibals are all pussies who love to "eat" anything‚ÄĚ.

Do you want to pay him a visit and correct him that we are actually the Apex predator of Shartak? Come join me at Durham ([-70.649,+26.347]) and lets feast on his entrails on our tummies! Look out though he is like a gingerbread man that bites back with his herpes afflicted "Third leg"

A parrot squawks "Dog o' the sea~ this island will hate ye~ and spew out yer bones~ an' the Devil will take thee~ fer Shartak loved peace~ but Mankind has raped her~& you are the proof~ of how Men betrayed~ her loyalty"

They carry 1 parrot feather charm, 6 skulls, 1 silver skull cross and 1 harpoon.

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Achievements:(13 total)
Monkey Hunter - Bronze Large stag Hunter - Bronze Parrot Hunter - Bronze Wild boar Hunter - Bronze Large deer Hunter - Bronze
Areas explored: 1508 (41.6% of island)
HP Healed: 30
Trading Points: 99
Spirits Exorcised: 0 (not a shaman)
Wailing Damage: 0
Ritual Feasts: 81 (79 own kills)
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NPC kills: 371; last kill: parrot
 Animals: 371
 Shamans: 0
 Traders: 0
Natives killed: 15; last kill: Flint
 Raktam: 4
 Dalpok: 6
 Wiksik: 5
 Rakmogak: 0
Outsiders killed: 18; last kill: Sam Bellamy
 Derby: 3
 Durham: 0
 York: 2
 Shipwreck: 13
NPC kills (detailed):
large stag60
wild boar42
small deer30
large deer29
zombified wild boar3
zombified bat2
zombified elephant2
zombified large deer1
zombified parrot1
zombified tiger1
giant spider1


This character has been idle since 2019-12-27.

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