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Newsletter - December 2008
This is the third newsletter from Shartak (


Shorter refer-a-friend URL

For players who refer friends to Shartak, there are small bonuses to be had such as extra XP or Gold. In January, a shorter URL was created and more information can be found on the refer-a-friend page.

More profile information

The manner of death (player responsible and weapon used) was added to the profile information in February.

Clan communication

One of the features that players could vote for on the Features page was implemented in March - this allowed clan leaders to add clan-only news items that could be announced to clan members.

Easter and April Fools Day

Many people found themselves attacked by the Easter Bunny and then a few days later robbed of all their belongings by a most unsavoury character on April Fools Day.

New decorative items

In June, we added a number of additional items that show up in character profiles. These items included the wild boar tusk necklace, batwing earrings, and gold hoop earrings.

Real-time chat with other players

Although the IRC channel has been around for a while, we added a Java IRC client accessible through the website.

New class - cannibals

Cannibals were added to the list of possible classes - like Pirates, they have their own camp, this time on a separate island.

More statistics

A new stats page was added to show kills-per-death for different groups of player. This can be found at Feasting stats for cannibals were added to

New feature for donated-for characters

Ever wished you had a log of what you had seen? Any donated-for character has access to an event history which records all your activity.

New items

In the tunnel network under the island, you can now find fungi that have some interesting properties. The fungi can be juiced to provide an energy-giving juice that has some nasty side-effects.

And finally...

We've reached the end of the 2008 newsletter. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through this feedback page, on the official forum or even hop on IRC and have a chat on #Shartak.

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