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SuggestionTotal VotesLinks
Looting/Plunder 13 [More info]
A class-specific skill for Pirates that would give them the ability to pillage gold coins from victims. YAAARRRRR!
Crossbows and Archery 7 [More info]
New items and skill to bring pre-gunpowder ranged weaponry to Shartak. By default natives will have access to bows and outsiders will have access to crossbows.
Inventory rearrange 31 [More info]
A change to the Shartak user interface that permits some customisation of the user inventory.
Spirit Quests 27 [More info]
Quests to perform a set of actions as defined by the game. Complements the Treasure Maps suggestion.
Custom items 15 [More info]
The ability to create custom items, or to customise the names of existing items. Perhaps available from just a few limited sources, or perhaps widely available. So much has yet to be discussed.
Travelling Companions 2 [More info]
The companion feature would allow characters to travel together. This would make travelling around Shartak a more social experience.
Inter-character trading 4 [More info]
Allow characters to offer items for sale direct to other characters.
Advanced Cartography 12 [More info]
Provides a waypoint-style direction to assorted locations.
Haunting of last killer IMPLEMENTED (at 61 votes) [More info]
A new ability to guide the spirit of a murder victim to the location of his/her killer, or, for a price, teleport the spirit straight to the killer.
Trading of items other than gold IMPLEMENTED (at 24 votes) [More info]
Campfire IMPLEMENTED (at 86 votes) [More info]
A new general ability for all, with 2 skills to improve firemaking. Fires will bring light to your location, offer protection from animal attacks, allow cauterising of bleeding wounds and make you feel safe in the depths of the jungle.
Planting/Agriculture IMPLEMENTED (at 79 votes) [More info]
A new skill to allow growth of additional fruit trees and bushes on cleared jungle. Dig a hole, put fruit in the hole, fill the hole, water the area and watch your own island plantation grow to maturity.
Clan Communication IMPLEMENTED (at 32 votes) [More info]
An ingame method that allows members of a clan to communicate over a distance without the use of an external forum, wiki or chatroom. This would be used to keep clan members informed of important news.
Treasure Maps and Buried Treasure (Quests) IMPLEMENTED (at 99 votes) [More info]
Quests for buried treasure using maps purchased from the trader that self-destruct after a set period.
Badges/Awards/Titles IMPLEMENTED (at 31 votes) [More info]
Award 'badges' of some kind to players who accomplish a specific goal such as the ones listed in the thread.

The features listed above are just some of the more complicated suggestions that have been added to the wiki or forum. There is no guarantee that the feature with the most votes will be the next feature added but it's more likely than the ones with fewer votes. Once one of the features above is implemented, any votes for that feature will be removed automatically and you can re-assign them to a different feature.


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