Shartak - Clarification of the Terms of Use

Main Terms of Use - these should be read first.


Some parts of this may apply to the IRC channel #Shartak on DALnet where we have it as a registered channel. Although not hosted within the domain, the IRC channel is moderated by Shartak appointed volunteers and as such rules regarding offensive or inappropriate behaviour may be applied at their discretion.


Offensive or inappropriate behaviour includes:

Pornographic content (as far as Shartak is concerned) is defined as material that is predominantly sexually explicit and intended primarily for the purpose of sexual arousal.

Hateful content includes, but is not limited to, discriminating comments about race, ethnicity (what country someone is from), religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and political beliefs. Shartak Admin hold complete and total discretion to decide what is hateful.

Whilst considered inappropriate, zerging is generally dealt with automatically. Examples of zerging include:


We generally work under a 3 strikes policy. A first offence results in a warning. A second offence results in a 1 to 14 day ban and a third offence results in a lengthy or possibly permanent ban. Warnings and bans remain active for six months during which time your account may be subject to monitoring. If you have numerous expired warnings, these may be taken into account and count as a first strike resulting in a ban of 1 to 14 days. Note that severe offences may receive stronger action, even on first or second offences. Bans may be for any of the game, forum, wiki, the Shartak IRC channel or any combination of these.

If the player holds any sort of moderator power (Forum Moderator, IRC Operator, etc) then this will be removed if the player is found to be breaking any of these rules and banned for any length of time. Depending on the offence we reserve the right to remove the moderator status even if the player is only given a warning.


To report an offence committed in game please use the feedback link and include as many details as possible. To report an offence on the forum, click the "report to moderator" link on the post or "report to Admin" link on the Personal Message (PM).

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