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In order to join the natives or the outsiders, you'll need to first create an account, and then create one or more characters associated with that account. You may have up to 3 active characters that have not been donated for.

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  1. This only applies to sites within the domain (such as the forum, wiki, and main site)
  2. You must be at least 13 years old to sign up.
  3. Offensive or inappropriate behaviour/profiles will result in action being taken.
  4. If you submit ideas to the Shartak Team, they may be used freely.
  5. Display of your personal details are under your control.
  6. If some part of Shartak doesn't work how you want/expect it to, it doesn't have to be fixed (but probably will be).
  7. Only one account per person but you can have multiple characters per account (up to 3 non-donated characters, unlimited donated characters).
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