Clan : The Darkest Fear

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The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is FEAR


A new order has come to Durham. A tidal wave of FEAR. Fear Itself has come to Durham and claimed it as his own. FEAR rules Durham now and forever.

Those who choose to serve the darkness become true agents of FEAR, spreading its influence first across the Durham Peninsula and then eventually the whole of Shartak. Those who pledge themselves to FEAR are protected and most favored amongst its servants. Those who seek to harness the power of FEAR shall find it in Durham. All tainted souls (outsider and native alike) are welcome to pledge themselves to the cause; those fools who resist FEAR shall be utterly destroyed. None can withstand us. FEAR is Eternal. Together we shall restore Durham, the Jewel of the West, to her former glory. Long may THE DARKEST FEAR reign!

The headquarters for The Darkest Fear is in Durham at the Overlook Hotel [-70.653,+26.339].

Restrictions are listed below:

Minimum level required is level 1

Clan Leadership:
Fear Itself (Founder)

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